Hard Work and Focus at LA Fashion Week 2013

Fashion Week SS14

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Coco Chanel.  Runway shows in LA are mainly for the industry, buyers, and press.

It is a different experience that NY fashion runway shows from September. It is great to produce exclusive news for fashion. Read More

Filming Fashion 

LA Fashion Film

Many carry a gun I carry a microphone and a wireless microphone router. New-World Films is on the runway at LA Live Events where Style Fashion Week is about to hit the runway. This week has been a whirlwind of shows, filming, producing, and editing. The fashion is spectacular. The art created from fabric is amazing and intriguing.  Read More


Day Two of LA Fashion Week

Fashion Week SS14

Day Two of LA Fashion Week has been busy. The day started early at YouTubeSpace. Here I edited work from the previous nights shows.

We are all working hard to get LA Fashion Week out to you. Jewel’s has been getting up the blogs, Rocco keeping the team on track, product produced, and interviewing with celebrities and designers. He is working hard, even with his boot and recent surgery.  Read More

LA Fashion Week SS 14 Production Project Fashion News Live

Fashion News Live

New-World Films is working with Fashion News Live at Los Angeles Fashion Week Oct. 9 – Nov 17, 2013. We will be providing: great interviews and videos at fashion week, creating new content for beauty tips, and working on a television pilot. This quality video and written content provided on Fashion News Live YouTube channel. This will provide viewers with quality and current updates on spring/summer fashion 2014.  Read More 

LA Fashion Week Crowd Funding Project

B Michaels SS14

New World Films will be working in Los Angeles for six weeks producing, editing, and filming fashion week and a TV pilot. We have been working this project for over 7 months. We are in need of donations to complete our internship with Fashion News Live. Please donate here. We have great business sponsorship for a $50 donation. Please feel free to share our campaign on your social media site. We are open to your film projects as well. Read More

“Fashion The Cure

Fashion The Cure

Betty Jean Couture is hosting “Fashion The Cure” Oct. 5, 2013 in Portland, OR. “”Fashion the Cure’ is helping share the story of women who have been victim to cancer, or to honor those we love who lost that battle.” This event is making strides for greater cancer awareness, cure, and support. The team of Ken Doswell, Grace Holland, and Elizabeth Traub put together a high-class event, in partnership with American Cancer Society. The team brought together the best to honor beautiful women touched by cancer. Read More

Fashion The Cure Media Team

Sam Palomin

Sam Palomin  of New World Films provides creative and current concepts for your film production. Sam and his team work with Fashion News Live, local community events, and private events. We are a film company where film Production crosses time & genre. Be sure to check out his up to the minute fashion bites on his website.

Read more

New World Films

Help Sam Palomin complete his journey

NYFW Editing

Editing NY Fashion Week

Sam needs your help to complete a life long dream of his. Sam is currently working on an unpaid internship for Fashion News Live for the past 7 months. Sam is in need of covering  travel expenses for the  1 1/2 months he will be spending in LA for fashion week.  Sam has been able to raise $600.00 from many gracious donors on his journey, Sam is still in need of money to cover LA Fashion Week, and a month of working covered.  Being out of town has made it difficult to earn money for expenses. Your assistance will help Sam complete his internship and bring value to the industry, complete on site and Hollywood training.  Thank you Crowd Pledger for your assistance with our campaign. Read More

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Comes to a Close

Fashion News Live Team

New York City Fashion Week has two shows left today. The buzz and energy from the designers, patrons, and models is winding down. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the spring/summer 2014 seasons ends this morning at Lincoln Center. This week’s adventures, struggles, and entertainment have left me exhilarated and exhausted. Read More


NYFW Editing
Editing fashion news with Fashion News Live at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week for the spring/summer 2014 seasons has been a busy adventure. The Lincoln Center remains busy and full of energy each day, but some days the energy is not found by this editor. The use of fabric as an artistic tool and influences is amazing to see at each fashion show. Read more


Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Second Day of Fashion Week

Yesterday was left behind and today proved productive. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the spring/summer 2014 seasons. Lincoln Center busy and full of anticipation this morning. Good Morning Fashion Week Day 2 Designers, models and production provided quality fashion. The day continued with earth tones, soft fabrics, and loose draping. Today did bring a wide variety of beach attire. Argentina presented the best swimwear of the day. Influences demonstrated through out the day. Peter Som’s collection, “was all about the surfer girl,” clearly seen through out the fashion show. This was a great follow up to yesterday at the Nicholas K show’s influences Arizona, southwest, and Apache Shaman. Read More


Fashion Week Spring/Summer First Day

Fashion Week New York

Mercedes-Benz New York City Fashion for the first day was incredibly busy. The shows ran back to back and production started with a few hiccups. Preparations were a little lacking for my team. It was a little bit of work, but we got off and running with editing and production after interviews. Read More


Fashion Week Spring/Summer Arrived

MBFW press pass New York City is buzzing with top designers, models, and production crews. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the spring/summer 2014 seasons started this morning. Preparations completed and this is the start for many at fashion week Lincoln Center. Designers, models and production crews are on stage now. The final touches completed the collections and inspirations spring/summer 2014 are center stage. Hundreds of thousands models, designers, and fashionistas from around the world are here to experience new fashion. The stages have displayed earth tones, with more white, softer and flowing fabrics, and prints present. Read More


Fashion Week Spring/Summer Preparing for the Start of Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Press Pick Up Mercedes-Benz New York City Fashion tomorrow. This traveler took the day to wait for press passes and crew meeting. It was good to see the crew and Rocco all ready for interviews and production. After breakfast I headed into Lincoln Center. The subway was easier today that the last two days. Arriving to pick up my passes I realized it was not a drop by and go scenario. There were hundreds waiting for the same thing. They did provide chairs and it was great to listen to some tunes while waiting for credentials. Read More


Fashion Week Spring/Summer Exploring New York

Video Production Store Queens NY

Mercedes-Benz New York City Fashion is just around the corner. This traveler took the day to rest from the long journey to Queens New York. It was great to sleep in and get ready for the long 2 weeks a head. After breakfast I went out to figure out New York public transportation. I will be relying on this to get to Lincoln Center and YouTube Space. It was a lot easier to get around today with a little rest and yesterday’s experiences. The subway is a great form of transportation around this massive city. Read More


Fashion Week Spring/Summer Preparations

MBNYFW New York City is buzzing with top designers, models, and production crews. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the spring/summer 2014 seasons in 1 day. Preparations continue for fashion week at Lincoln Center. Designers are preparing their models, final touches on their collections, making major business announcements, and the runway set. There have been many great stages to match their collections and influences. There have been some gasping sets and collections in the past. Will spring/summer 2014 hold any surprises? Read More


Fashion Week Spring/Summer Influences

Fashion Designing

New York City is bringing together the top designers, models, and production crews. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the spring/summer 2014 seasons in 4 days. Clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories will take center stage at Lincoln Center. These 20 minutes shows will influence dress, art, and culture for the next season, spring and summer 2014. The influences each designer displays in their collections come from their personal selection. Many designers choose influences for their collections from nature, architecture, and art. This year is no exception to themes. Fashion week this year will demonstrate some influences from: Read More


Fashion Week Spring/Summer Trivia

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

New York City will have fashion for the spring/summer 2014 seasons in 6 days. Designers, models, set crews, production crews, and many more are getting the final touches on the events. Thousands will gather for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. The fun is never-ending with fashion week.

The events are not just runway shows, but gala dinner, charity events, and smaller shows through out. New York is in the 4 top fashion week world-wide. There are two fashion shows each year (February and September). Read More


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014Fashion Week

New York City is with fashion for the spring/summer 2014 seasons in one week. Thousands will gather for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. The city Thousands of fashion designers, production crews, and models will be in attendance to this elite fashion week.

New York Fashion Week has not always been a grand event. 1903 a local department store, Ehrich Brothers, decided to put on a show to bring women in to the store. 1910 many department stores held their own “fashion parades.” This was the beginning of the fashion show trends in New York. Read More