Photo Albums of Filming Events

Catherine Bauknight Rocco Gaglioti Sam PalominRocco Leo Gaglioti, Catherine Bauknight,

and Sam Plaomin

Oscars The Academy Awards 14 Oscars On The Red Carpet 14


Sam Palomin, Sam Wise, Cameraman YouTube Space LA

RuPaul YouTube Space

RuPaul and Sam Palomin YouTube SpaceStudio Filming Lighting
YouTube Space Lighting Set Up

Camera Man

Cameraman NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter 13/14YouTube Editing LA

YouTube Space LA Editing Bay Fashion Week SS14

LA Style Fashion Week Spring/Summer 14

Filming and Editing

NYFW Editing

Editing NY Fashion Week

Sam Palomin YouTube Space LA

YouTube Space LA Studio Work Editing

Lighting Audio and Color CorrectionLAFW Sam Palomin

LA Fashion Style Week

Filming, Editing, and

Color Correction Spring/Summer 14Fashion News Live SEAN PAUL

Filming Crew for Beauty Tips

Nominated for Taste Award

Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Sean James, Sam PalominFNL Model MondayModel Monday Filming YouTube Space LA

The Academy AwardsOscars On The Red Carpet 2013