About Us

New World Films is a film company where film crosses time and genre.  Established in 2011 to provide film production, videography, editing, cinematography, and movie reviews. We keep our skills set open and current with film production equipment, software,and continued educations. We are a company that continues to study films from all time, genre, and world-wide. This study allows us to provide a visionary edge to film development, production, and final product. Our focus is to provide you with a film that will entertain for generations to come. Contact us today at (623) 336-7697.

Recent Work Video Links
http://goo.gl/LeCw1d Original video Fashion News Live
http://goo.gl/HoJQG1 Edited version of original video Fashion News Live
http://goo.gl/HEjYDa Interview with Brian Osborn
http://goo.gl/0PTRbb Lighting, camera, editing
http://goo.gl/nEmoyh Getting video/audio to meet specific time
http://goo.gl/EmlAZt Hundreds of videos edited Fashion News Live
Upcoming Events:
Fashion for the Cure  Oct. 5, 2013 http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/465910
LA Fashion Week 10/11-10/18 Fashion News Live
Recent Events:
NY Fashion Week Sept. 1-17
Services: Projects: Experience:
· Video Production · Fashion News Live · Lighting
· Studio Lightening · Portland 48-Hour Film Project · Studio Lightening
· Camera Work · Wedding Videography · Pitching
· Editing · Sissy Short Film · Editing
· Montage · Columbia Gorge Film Festival Documentary · Montage
· Audio · Live Band Shows · Audio
· Graphics · Live Video Feed · Graphics
· C Stand · Introductory video Port of Vancouver Workers · YouTube Upload
· Script Development · Live Streaming
Software: Hardware: Studio Work:
· After Effects · DSLR · YouTube Space LA
· Bridge · Nikon D5100 · YouTube Space NY
· Director · DXA-5DA Camera · Remotely
· Dreamweaver · CD & DVD Burners
· Flash · DV Decks
· Encoder · Video cameras
· Final Cut Pro · C Stand
· Photoshop
· Premier Pro





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